Text Response 7 – Propaganda



This propaganda poster from World War II had the idea of giving out food to soldiers serving in war by the food that the citizens that are in their homes give to them. This way their country would be able to work better and increase their strengths.

This image wants to show the citizens how happy it would make the soldiers receive food from outside and give them strength and moral support. The government wanted to win the war as fast as possible, and the citizens wanted to end it too, so by encouraging them to give their food, they would be able to collaborate in war and also try to end this war earlier and have their men back.

The emphasis of the word “they’ll” plays with the emotions of the audence, which in this case is directed to the female and children, because they want their husband/father to be back, and the best thing they can do to make him come back is give him food so he can live strong and come back winning the war.

The bottom phrase saying, “Rationing gives you your fair share”, gives the audience confidence towards this poster because it is supported by the government and it says that every individual in the trenches will receive their part of the food given by the citizens of the cities.

Overall, this propaganda poster’s message is to encourage the people left behind to support their beloved ones and the best way to do that is by giving them food and allow them to stay healthy, and also to help the progress of the war itself.

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Ukrainian Opposition is Lacking in Content

The Deutsche Welle is a German newspaper where they want to show and

inform people of other countries what is going on around the world. The article they

posted, “Ukrainian opposition is ‘lacking in content’”, informs the audience about the

recent conflicts that are going on in Ukraine.

In this news piece, a fair amount of bias can be found. Firstly, the fact that it is

a German article, means it has some sort of bias, due to the fact that this article only

includes an interview with Jelena Hoffmann, who’s the consul of Ukraine. By having

only one source it shows no credibility to her argument and is completely biased.

This shows how one-sided information that an opposing person of Jelena would have

shown and it gives a wrong image of the whole story. Jelena is also under the pressure

from the government because if she says anything that harms the government, she

might get in trouble so, she says what people want to hear and is vague in telling

this piece of news. Finally, if she’s not challenged by the interviewer, all that Jelena

Hoffmann says is assumed to be true, which also gives a one sided opinion about

this event. Overall, this news article could be improved by adding more sources and

having a wider range of people; in other words, from different social classes and


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Ben Chifley Speech – The light on the hill

          The Light on the Hill is the name of Ben Chifley’s political speech in Australia to enforce the population to join his party and maintain as the current prime minister. The speech took place post World War II where he had already been the prime minister for 4 consecutive years from 1945 to 1949 By this speech, he wanted to make his party more powerful and have more candidates voting for it, but in the end lost. This speech was directed to the population that already is part of his party and other members from other parties to able to convince them. 

          The structure of this speech can be divided into three parts. The first part would consist of the first paragraph, which would be the introduction explaining who he is and the context. The body would last from the second paragraph to the sixth explaining the party’s aims to make Australia’s government better. Finally, the conclusion would be the last two paragraphs saying what he expects for Australia’s rich future. 

          In his speech it is noticeable the use of first person throughout the whole text. The use of first person creates a more emotional and personal connection with the audience and gives the speech power and credibility. “When I sat at a Labour meeting in the country with only ten or fifteen men there, I found a man sitting beside me who had been working in the Labour movement for fifty-four years.” would be an example of the use of first person, and just by being his memories and experiences, it makes it more powerful and meaningful. 

          This speech contains lots of stylistic features, but the most used and powerful stylistic feature is the metaphor. “The light on the hill” would already be a metaphor because it explains what is the party’s intentions towards this year’s campaign. “A man killing job” would also be considered a metaphor and an exaggeration. What enhances this text and makes it commemorable is the use of the stylistic devices that make the expression more varied and the text is fluent. 

In conclusion, this well-written speech creates attention to persuade Australian population to vote Ben Chifley. This speech really emphasized his points with clear and fast arguments that give them a truthful meaning, not like many other aims that other politicians may have. It indeed expresses his true aims towards the future.          

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The Shallows

Oscar Puignou

Mr. Torbush

IB English 11

1 October 2013

The Shallows

          Nicholas Carr, the author of The Shallows exposes a novel explaining how besides all the positive assets of using Internet, it also has a negative side to all the things that Internet allows us to do. As he explains in his book, Internet decreases our attentiveness and our ability to analyze any piece of text carefully.

Throughout these last few years, humans have been losing the critical analyzation of texts due to the incorporation of internet to our lives. Internet provoked all of us to skim through a piece of work and just acknowledge some key words and get an overview of the text. Before internet was created, humans would read the whole text and carefully take note of every single detail, while now, thanks to the creation of Internet, it made our time more effective by doing a three hour search into a few clicks, but at the same time didn’t provide the background knowledge and criteria that is needed to understand and refer to any piece of writing correctly. As Carr states in his book, “human judgement cannot be trusted, because it is plagued by laxity, ambiguity, and unnecessary complexity” (p. 247). Due to the fact that Internet is the basis of our lack of attention and laziness, in the end, what we really know is just a bunch of foolish knowledge that altogether don’t make any sense. Internet has helped us in many ways, especially to reduce the time while searching, but also decreased our attention and critical reading.

Teenagers are the population that has been affected by the growth of new technologies their whole life, and they have been using social networks like Facebook or Twitter, that eventually, they made them addicted to any type of electronic media and caused them to be dragged and brainwashed by these devices. The use of cell phones and apps caused not only the teenagers, but everyone the need to use video games to use up all their time and lose all the possible time to enrich their knowledge. “According to an extensive 2009 study conducted by Ball State University’s Center for Media Design, most Americans, no matter what their age, spend at least eight and a half hours a day looking at a television, a computer monitor, or the screen of their mobile phone” (p. 359). In Carr’s novel he explains that our dependence of technology is so big that it is so important to our lives that it is like having to smoke a packet of cigarettes an hour.

The release of new technologies like the e-book have revolutionized the possibility of reading many books from a single flat screen. This has made the possibility to educate our children with more effectivity, but in real life, the pixels that create each letter harm your eyes and decrease the attention that you put in the reading and hurt your eyes. Another fact that decreases the reader’s attention is the constant number of ads that pop in front of you while reading and leads to the lost of concentration. Carr keeps explaining to us throughout most of his novel that the e-book and the Kindle are new great features of improvement for society, but eventually, what brought history together in books and all that we know so far will be translated to electronic devices and possibly lose its meaning.

Internet and technology is a huge influence for humanity and it has temporarily decreased our attention and capability of reading a book without skimming it, but they do help in saving up time and making our lives easier. Even though it might have many good features, our brains start depending of these machines, which cause the laziness and vaguity of our senses.

Works Cited

Carr, Nicholas.  The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains.  New York: Norton, 2010. 

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Bradley or Chelsea Manning?


     In Manning’s gender hell: Shades of gray in a black-and-white world, Andrea James, a specialized writer and activist comments about the conflict with Bradley Manning’s decision to become transgender and diffuse it pointing out that he should be treated as a girl and referred as Chelsea. 

     The author portrays her thoughts and opinions throughout the whole article. James encourages the readers and society to accept one person by the way they want to be, and not by the way culture and society decided for mankind to be divided in two genders and exclude those that are in the “gray” level. As James says in the article,” Maybe eventually I’ll feel the same way I do about the data dump, but for now I feel like Manning’s gender revelations are moving people toward extremes rather than along the steady path of progress trans people have enjoyed for some time.” With this opinion, i think she is totally right, due to the fact of the incident Manning had with Wikileaks, being a transgender has become much more difficult because society now may think that being a transgender just means that you aren’t a true human. 

     Her fluency and formality in her text makes her claims more captivating and legitimate to acknowledge her thoughts about the problem that has devastated many nations throughout the world. “The widely-published image of Chelsea Manning, released in dithered grayscale by the Army, strikes me as an apt metaphor for the layers of meaning in this case.” is an example of how her sophisticated vocabulary and thoughts catches the attention of the reader. The text informs the reader of her ideas and tries to make the reader think about the issue and possibly be one of the means by this claim spreads out to the open world. She doesn’t explain what occurred with Wikileaks and all the background information, because she supposes that you already know about this certain topic. If she didn’t talk in a formal manner, the text wouldn’t be seen as serious or valuable, and that’s a part of articles being relevant.

     The contributor of Boing Boing shows her reasoning and points to show us, the public, that Chelsea Manning did a bad thing, but maybe she revealed secret information because she had the GEDAD, an anxiety disorder that might trigger these actions. As we can see throughout all the article, James supports Manning showing that he or she will both be treated as equal because they are one of the whole that makes the world be matching puzzle. Overall, in my personal opinion, dehumanizing a human being for disliking their gender and swap to the other gender shouldn’t be discriminated because they are still human beings. 


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Why is Yevanic language not existing anymore?

     Why does the world lose so many languages throughout history? Why can’t a culture have its own language? Well, throughout history, all the tribal groups and cultures have kept losing their language due to other “international” languages being more important to able to communicate and force all these extinct or endangered languages to stop being used in order to be part of society. 

Yevanic language, a judeo-greek dialect, has become extinct. Not because the unification of countries, but by the assimilation of more powerful languages, the immigration and the Holocaust. Many people consider that languages were lost because when a country was formed, all the languages got mixed up. But that’s not the case, countries are just pieces of land which are owned by the countries’ government. Countries can cross borders. Countries shouldn’t be held from their culture and language because of society.

     This language was spoken by the Romaniotes, a group of greek jews, in Greece which were documented since the Hellenistic period. Its linguist lineage stems from the Hellenistic Koine, an alexandrian dialect and contains some features from Hebrew. Due to the opposition towards this language, it has been lost throughout all these years and even though many people try and revive these languages, this language got extinct really fast and early.

     In my opinion, a language is a cultural and emotional relation to yourself that creates part of your identity and who you are as a person. If the language is lost, part of the culture is lost and history itself too. Not being able to speak the language that your ancestors have makes you empty and will be one of the billions of people that speak an international language. Even though linguists have been trying to rise the people speaking an endangered language, it will finally be inevitable because the world will be unified into big chunks of a specific culture and beliefs.

     Overall, the Yevanic language has become one of the thousands of forgotten and dead languages that have been stacking in a pile during centuries, and it will keep growing excessively. Languages will end up vanishing to make the world easier, and one day, possible, 3 languages might be spoken due to the necessity of communication.

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The Degrading of Women in Ads



Women, for many centuries and including today,  have been degraded and are being  taken advantage of, disrespected and judged unfairly, seeing women as disgusting due to the fact of having this ideal women around society where many men want to have. Women have been objectified in my opinion; they have been treated unfairly and as if they are toilet paper – where you use it and throw it away. In every form of media, women have been asked to participate in undignifying ads and many other public forms of media, where they have been unhumanized. The fact that men are seeing how women are being used as objects in ads, they subconsciously follow that same process of having to use women and disrespect them as they do in the thousands of ads that exist.

I feel that there have been many violent incidents towards women because of this same reason. All the products where women have been photoshopped, an image of  “perfectness” is created, therefore making the women attempt to achieve that same image of the model and possibly can  create mental illnesses such as depression, which could affect some women in feeling like they have to become sex toys and prostitutes, to make themselves feel happy, as they feel that people will find them more attractive.

Men have always been seen as the dominant people and the “macho alphas”. Having this view of men, they make themselves feel more powerful over women and make them a lower social class just for the sake of treating them as objects, as they see in every day of their lives in streets, shops, TV, and the rest of the Earth’s landmass.

If you’ve ever noticed, in every men ad, men are normally in a powerful pose imposing their power with their chests visible and looking straight towards the camera and being all manly and serious. On the other side, women are normally in strange poses and cuddling into a ball representing weakness and no self defense with surprised faces and vulnerable looks.

All women are affected by this wave of self consciousness. The bad thing about this is that, if women stop appearing like they are now, people would stop buying the products and lower the GDP and possibly create a world crisis. I think there should be a remedy towards this problem to make peoples lives better, including boys, and have respect between each other and powerful emotions.

ImagenNowadays, its really difficult to find an ad where the important thing in it is the product and the information about it, not the women in it. In this ad, you can see how the most important thing is not a siliconed face or tons of makeup, but the importance in buying this product and advertising it “correctly”.

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